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San Marino: Melancholy in a club setting

Posted 5 May 2011 at 18:39

Senit arrived backstage in the late afternoon. As most artists, she wore make-up for the rehearsal as for the broadcast. "I have a make-up lady with me, she follows me all around for the performances. Both for rehearsals and broadcasts I do the make-up in my hotel and then add when necessary."
The people in San Marino has put some pressure on Senit to do well. "They were unhappy when San Marino didn't participate for a few years. Now, they all look at me to qualify to the Final, as we didn't the other time, in 2008. I'm strong, I'll do my best," she says.
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The Sammarinese entry was set in warm colours on stage, with spotlights on the musicians from all angles. It looked very good on the camera shots, and Senit made a confident impression and was vocally strong.
What dress will Senit be wearing on the big night? In today's rehearsal, she wore a long grey dress, but is it going to be the same dress in the First Semi-Final? Stay with us to find out more!
Senit was complimented on the grey dress at the press conference afterwards, but she revealed that this is still not the outfit she will wear in the First Semi-Final, as it is still being finalised. She hopes that the dress will come as a pleasant surprise to those who watch the general rehearsals on Monday 9th of May, when it will be seen for the first time.
She was asked about the competition in the contest, and she diplomatically replied that she didn't have a favourite, but she considered the standard of songs to be extremely high, and that it will be a tough Semi-Final to qualify from. "They are all amazing."
Senit will be hoping to have more success in the contest than the last entrant of San Marino in 2008, but one of their delegation pointed out that the past doesn't count. They believe that they have found a quality song and singer with Senit.
SMRTV wanted to come to back with a singer and production standard necessary for the contest, and they believe they have found a quality song and singer with Senit.
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