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San Marino: "Maybe" with an emotional ballad this time

In the backstage area Valentina seemed to be completely at home and was well prepared for the second rehearsal planned for today.  She was wearing a long elegant, sleeveless pale dress. “Of course I’m excited, as I was in the previous years”, Valentina said.

During the performance she is standing in the centre of the Eurovision stage on a glittery gold platform. But before the camera is being focused on her, a piano appears as well as hands of an unknown pianist, playing the first few notes. Who that mystery musician is stays uknown till the end of the song.

There are rumours that Ralph Siegel might be joining Valentina on the stage, but at this moment this isn’t confirmed. Nevertheless, he will be celebrating his 40th anniversary since his first participation in the Eurovision Song Contest as a composer of the entry for Luxembourg.  Siegel appearing on the Eurovision stage would be a good way to mark this milestone, but will it really happen? Stay tuned and we will be first to report about that.

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When it comes to the stage lighting, at the beginning some warm shades of blue are coming from the background during Valentina’s performance. After everything that is going on, the Eurovision stage has been revealed, yellow lights are overflooding the stage in order to make the glittery platform shine. Besides Valentina, there are four backing vocalists on stage as well as the  “unknown” piano player.

There won't be a fourth time?

Valentina was excited to see so many familiar faces in the Press Conference area again. “Oh, it was much better this time. I have better concentration and I follow cameras better”, she said at the beginning of her press conference after the second rehearsal. She also explained that she finally feels completely relaxed. “I just think about my message in the song. I feel really positive about it and I want you to feel that too.”

Her Eurovision experience in general, Valentina called “the incredible story”. “I would enjoy being part of all of this until the rest of my life.”

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In the end, one of the questions coming from the accreditated press was: what are her plans for the next year, taking part again? “Maybe I will write a song for another artist. I think I will let other singers experience what I’ve done”, Valentina Monetta replied.