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Jessika featuring Jenifer Brening's robots are stage ready!

01 May 2018 at 14:20 CEST
First Rehearsal San Marino Thomas Hanses
San Marino's Jessika featuring Jenifer Brening just took to the stage for the first rehearsal of their song 'Who We Are'. During the Sammarinese national final, we saw robots on stage holding various signs, and we can confirm: they've brought them to Lisbon!

Jessika, born on 27 February, 1989, is a Maltese singer-songwriter and actress. Jenifer was born on 15 December, 1996, in Berlin, Germany. In March, Jessika featuring Jenifer Brening won 1in360, the Sammarinese national selection for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. It was the first time San Marino held a national selection since joining the contest in 2008.

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In today's rehearsal, Jessika and Jenifer were not yet in their full stage outfits as they are still being tailored in Malta. What we did see, however, were four dancing robots on stage. Jessika and Jenifer had them on stage during their national final as well, and we're happy to confirm they've brought them along to Lisbon. Three of the robots were dancing and clapping like true fans, and one is holding signs that say 'I'm not your robot' and 'Will you marry me?'. Very interesting!

As the performance starts, we see Jessika wearing a black cloak which is quickly removed by two dancers who join the artists on stage. When Jenifer starts rapping, the dancers disappear temporarily, giving her the full spotlight.

After their first rehearsal, caught up with the Sammarinese representatives: "It was such an amazing experience, we can't even put it to words. The stage is also a lot bigger than we ever imagined!"

We also asked them about the meaning behind robots. Jessika and Jenifer answered that they represent uniqueness: "They're different from everybody else. Our song also talks about being unique and that you should appreciate who you really are, and that's what they stand for." 

Jessika featuring Jenifer Brening will return to the rehearsal stage on Friday, 4th of May for their second run-through. San Marino competes in the second Semi-Final on Thursday, 10th of May. 

What do you make of Jessika featuring Jenifer Brening's first rehearsal? Will San Marino make it to the Grand Final? Let us know in the comments!