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San Marino changes to disco version of "I Didn't Know" for contest

21 March 2016 at 21:00 CET
Serhat Klaus Roethliesberger
The Sammarinese broadcaster SMTV has been granted permission to change the version of I Didn't Know that will be performed in this year's contest. Serhat will now perform the 'disco version' on stage at the Globe Arena when San Marino participates in the First Semi-Final on the 10th May.

San Marino presented their entry I Didn't Know, sung by Serhat, at a press conference in Paris on the 9th of March. They also announced that other language versions and mixes of the song would also be released.

Since then, the disco version of I Didn't Know has proved to be very popular - judging by reactions on Youtube and social media; and it is this version that the Sammarinese broadcaster has now requested to be the official version to be entered into the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

That request has been granted, and therefore it is the disco version of I Didn't Know that Serhat will perform in Stockholm on the 10th of May.


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