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San Marino: Artist revealed on 14th March

08 March 2012 at 18:30 CET

San Marino are amongst one of the last countries to announce their entry for Europe's Favourite TV Show, but today they have given their first indications of their plans for Baku.

On Wednesday 14th March, there will be a press conference held at 12:00 CET, when the artist that will be representing the Republic of San Marino will be officially announced, and the details will also be published on

On Friday16th March at 21:40 CET there will be a television programme, where there will be an interview with the artist, as well as an opportunity to listen to the chosen song and watch the video.

There will be live streaming on the official San Marino Tv website, as well as on

San Marino will participate in the First Semi-Final on Tuesday 22nd of May in Baku, where they have been drawn in the second half.

San Marino first entered Europe's Favourite Tv Show in 2008, with the group Miodio with the song Complice, sung in Italian, and last year they were represented by Senit with the English language song Stand By. Neither song managed to progress to the Final, so will it be third time lucky for the country?