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San Marino: A song of hope for the whole world

16 May 2015 at 13:08 CEST
Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola before their second rehearsal Elena Volotova (EBU)
Their Eurovision song Chain Of Lights is their first joint project and they have fun working together. "We are friends. Our cooperation here is great. Maybe we'll work together after the Eurovision Song Contest, who knows." Anita and Michele, very young San Marinese participants are high hope for peace, as on stage in Vienna they perform a song about peace and unity.

Anita and Michele are looking forward to seeing their families in Vienna

In general, the singers are satisfied with their first rehearsal, so they will just improve their singing, but the stage and choreography will stay the same. The main thing on the backdrop is the Blue Planet - a place "or peace. Today, there are so many problems in the world. It is important for us the bring this [metaphorical] message, if we all light up the candle of hope and create the chain, we’ll make the world a better place," Michele said.

Anita is very happy to have her sister with her in Vienna: "She supports me a lot. The rest of my family will come on 19th of May. And also my band The Peppermints will come to the show." Micheleis looking very much to welcome his mother and his girl friend in Vienna on the 19th of May.

The singers also spoke about the biggest Eurovision challenge: "I think it was English for me," Anita said. "The Eurovision Song Contest demands a lot of concentration on everything. You have a lot of pressure. But it’s ok as I really love my job,” Michele said.

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Anita and Michele's second rehearsal

On stage, the singers are inspired by candle lights and the Blue Planet Earth seen from the space - the symbols for peace, hope and harmony. Through their voices, Anita and Michele make their fans believe that staying together they “can change reality”. All in all, the San Marinese entry is a peaceful non violent ballad, and Anita & Michele are representatives of hope - a world without war and suffering.

Gallery: Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola had their second rehearsal

Press conference with the San Marinese delegation

Both participants from San Marino have passion for ballet. Anita started practicing it at the age of four. And Michele has been attending school of classic ballet for five years. That’s why the singers are dancing ballet in their post card for Vienna.

Anita and Michele were asked if such a small country like San Marino wins the Eurovision Song Contest, how the event will be organised. "Maybe, we’ll have to use the whole Republic for the organisation," said Anita.

The singers got from the journalist a so called "Mozart Award" - a small violin and a box of Mozartkugel.
Ralph Siegel, the song composer, was asked where he gets all this inspiration for his songs. "If you write songs, you want people to hear them. And not only in one country, but in many". The Eurovision Song Contest is a great possibility for that. Ralph Siegel also said that Chain Of Lights was written before this year’s Eurovision motto Building Bridges was announced.

"What would you prefer more in the future: singing or dancing?" was the question to Michele. The young singer answered that maybe the combination of both would be a good solution.

This year’s participants also were given advices from Valentina Monetta: have fun, express their song message and reach the final.

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