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Samra and Sergey Lazarev became dog walkers

10 May 2016 at 15:23 CEST
The Eurovision Song Contest gives performers a great opportunity to sing together, to become friends and have fun. Not only music unites Samra from Azerbaijan and Sergey from Russia; both artists love animals. They became dog walkers for some hours in Stockholm. 

On a shiny day in Stockholm, and with Eurovision rehearsals ongoing, Samra had a special meeting with Russian singer Sergej Lazarev. As both artists love animals and have pets at home, they decided to walk dogs here in Stockholm. Bailey and Victor, two amazing local dogs accompanied Samra and Sergey during their walk on Skeppsholmen.


After Bailey and Victor did their best to steal the show and the attention of onlookers, the two artists sat down to play a game "I Have / I Have Never"to get to know each other. "I always say that I am 18," Samra commented  on the statement "I have / I have never lied about my age". "I cant remember, if I lied about my age, but I think I have," said Sergey. Both singers confirmed that it happened to them that they have forgotten the lyrics of their songs. "If I forget the lyrics, I just let my audience sing," said Sergey.  

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