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'The Moon is Rising' for Samanta Tīna

12 March 2021 at 20:40 CET
Samanta Tīna LTV/Artūrs Martinovs
Latvia's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest is ‘The Moon is Rising’ and will be performed by Samanta Tīna at the second Semi-Final on Thursday 20 May.

Speaking about The Moon is Rising, Samanta told

"This song is about powerful and admirable women, about every single one of us. I invite women to not be afraid of ourselves and of being different. My song encourages women to make a crown with their own hands and put it on the head to be the ruler of life. To love and believe in ourselves. Then we will be loved by the people around us.

I believe that your attitude towards yourself changes the way people treat you, but it is not enough. And for this reason the most important line in my song is: if you have something to say, say it to my face. Let’s accept and love ourselves, let’s be proud of what God has given us, let’s accept our differences and stand for equality!"

To find the right song a two-day songwriting camp was organised, RIGA LIVE. The track was written in collaboration with producer SKVR (Oskars Uhaņs) and Aminata Savadogo, best known for her 6th place finish in 2014 with the Latvian banger Love Injected.

Life is music and Samanta Tīna is a composer Artūrs Martinovs

Samanta directed and produced the music video in collaboration with Aiga Baikova (AiProduction). The man behind the camera was Ritvars Bluka who filmed the entire video using Samanta’s Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G mobile phone.

About Samanta Tīna

For Samanta, taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true - and she’s probably the only ever participant to have written a diploma paper analysing the Eurovision selection process in Latvia and Lithuania.

Samanta has competed in the Latvian Eurovision selection process no less than six times, finishing second twice (in 2012 and 2013). She also tried to represent her second home, Lithuania, on two occasions in 2015 and 2017. There are few other Eurovision acts throughout the years with this level of commitment to their goal.

In 2020, Samanta finally triumphed in Latvia’s selection show with the song Still Breathing, winning the opportunity to represent her nation at the Eurovision Song Contest. Given the number of previous attempts she’d made to compete, the Latvian delegation invited her back unconditionally after the cancellation of last May's competition.

Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Latvia came close to winning on their debut in 2000 when BrainStorm’s My Star shot up the leaderboard, finishing in 3rd place.

It would only take a further two years for the Baltic nation to score their first victory with Marie N’s I Wanna.

Can our new queen of the night, Samanta, take the Contest back to Riga?