Sakis continues 'flying' after Moscow

Like many of the stars of the 2009 edition of Europe's favourite TV-shows, Sakis Rouvas has been very busy after the contest. This of course means success in the entertainment business! 

One of the high points this summer has been the MAD TV Video Music Awards 2009 for him. He was nominated in many categories and managed to win the prize of the Best Artist and Best Male Artist of the Year!

By the way, at the same show Helena Paparizou, the winner of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, won the Best Pop Music Video, Best Female Artist and the Video of the Year awards. Anna Vissi, who has participated at Europe's favourite TV-show in 1980, 1982 and most recently in 2006, also won the awards of Fashion Icon and Best Quote of the Year.

New tour!

After the success in the awards show, he gave a very special concert at the Kallimarmaro Stadium. "I‘m very honored to perform in such a symbolic venue and I feel very positive and inspired by the ‘sacred’ cause that this concert is dedicated to the environment," he commented. 

"After the incredible concert in Kallimarmaro, which I ‘ll never forget thanks to you – the most amazing audience ever, I spent time in Thessaloniki for my live performances at Politia! Once again, you are wonderful. Your energy and passion in every song make me fly to the top every Friday and Saturday! I don’t want to lose this unique connection with you, so instead of a summer break I chose to make a summer tour in ten towns," the singer said in his blog. He promised to announce the dates and venues soon! Stay tuned!

Sakis Rouvas, who's been recognized since last year as one of the most selling Greek artists in history, achieved the seventh place in the Final in Moscow, Russia with his This Is Our Night

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