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Safura takes Drip Drop to Oslo

18 March 2010 at 18:05 CET

After months of different selections to decide upon the representative of Azerbaijan, the national broadcaster, iTV, has come to a decision. It'll be Drip Drop which will carry the flag of the Land of Fire at Europe's favourite TV show this year. 

Safura was selected from two televised selections by a professional jury. First, she became one of the three finalists, then she got herself new songs and it was only the second show when the jury decided she would be their choice.  But the surprise was that once again – no song was chosen. 

It's been a couple of weeks now and she's been travelling around Europe, ending up in the Swedish capital of Stockholm where she's been preparing for her big moment in May. Now, she can be sure which song to prepare for Oslo. Drip Drop was the fan favourite and also, music professionals have been keen on that entry.

Last year Azerbaijan finished third with Aysel and Arash's Always. Will Safura and Drip Drop bring Azerbaijan their longed victory? You can decide that in May.

Right now, you can listen to the latest version of the song Drip Drop on the official Azeri website for the Eurovision Song Contest (external link below the picture).