Sabina Babayeva wins seventh heat in Azerbaijan

The week long seventh heat of Azerbaijan's national selection reached is conclusion tonight when Sabina Babayeva was declared the winner, qualifying to the semi-final which takes place in a couple of weeks time. 

With the 8th and final heat starting next week, the line-up is almost complete. These are the acts that have qualified so far (this week's qualifier in bold): 

  • Orkhan Karimli
  • Maryam Karimova
  • Khayyam Mustafazadeh
  • Fagan Safarov
  • Elton Ibrahimov
  • Adil Bakhishli
  • Sabina Babayeva

During the heat stage, each act performs over 5 nights, performing a different song on each. One of the songs includes a Eurovision Song Contest song. Sabina wowed the audience in Azerbaijan with her rendition of Maria Haukaas Storeng's Hold On Be Strong

Each qualifying act will battle it out during the semi-final before the final takes place where the Azerbaijani representative will be decided. 

As the host country, Azerbaijan is already qualified for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place on the 26th of May this year in Baku. 

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