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Sabina Babayeva to sing "When The Music Dies" in Baku

17 March 2012 at 16:50 CET

The host broadcaster of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest has just announced that Azerbaijani representative Sabina Babyeva will sing When The Music Dies on the 26th of May in Baku. 

After making it through a gruelling selection process through the autumn and winter of this year, Sabina was crowned the Azerbaijani representative on the 12th of February. Since then she has been working tirelessly with a team of music professionals to produce the song When The Music Dies which she is proud to present at the 2012 edition of Europe's TV show. 

See the song BELOW!

The Song

When the Music Dies is a dramatic love story with sincere expression of the strongest and most secret feelings of the singer. The tender yet intense melody is filled with bright emotional blasts that showcase and emphasise the great vocal skills, vocal intensity, and unique colourfulness of Sabina’s timbre.

When the Music Dies is an exceptional blend of cutting-edge European music trends and Azerbaijani traditional music. The song was recorded with ethnic Azeri instruments: kamancha and balaban; it was also decorated with sounds of a variety of local percussion instruments – davul and ghawal. On top of everything the song includes elements of the unique vocal style called mugham.

The studio work gathered together top Azerbaijani musicians: Ogtay Sharifov,  Sarkhan Vahabov, Shirzad Fataliyev, Yashar Bakhish and mugham legend Alim Gasimov. 

"When the Music Dies is a very special song. I feel it. Every time I sing, it feels like it’s happening to me again. I think everybody has had this kind of moment in their life. Actually, I do believe music really should not die, because it helps us to stay alive no matter what happens", says Sabina about the song.

The song was written and composed by Stefan Örn, Anders Bagge, Johan Kronlund and Sandra Bjurman. Stefan Örn and Sandra Bjurman were also the authors of the already well-known hit Running Scared, the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.   In addition to the original English version of When the Music Dies there will be Azerbaijani version as well for rotation on TV and radio in the host country.

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The official video of When The Music Dies will be released on Monday the 19th of March right here on So make sure you come back then so you can see how the song looks visually!