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Sabina Babayeva finally achieves her Eurovision dream

26 May 2012 at 09:24 CEST

A concert with old friends

Sabina was hostess and the main act at the concert, although she invited other guests who also performed. They were Anri Jokhadze of Georgia, Kurt Calleja of Malta and Željko Joksimović of Serbia. Sabina, Anri and Željko have actually known each other for over 10 years, having first met at a festival in which they all participated.

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Sabina impressed the crowd with her immaculate vocal range and performed a number of songs. After the concert ended, she spoke with and told us amongst other things, what she recalls when Azerbaijan won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011.

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Meeting a new friend

As well as the reunion with Anri from Georgia and Željko from Serbia, Sabina has found time to make new friends, and had a special meeting arranged with the international legend representing the United Kingdom, Engelbert Humperdinck. You can see some images of Sabina together with Engelbert in the gallery below.

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Sabina is very patriotic and is genuinely delighted to be the one to carry her nations hopes on home soil this evening.