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Saara Aalto (Finland) on top of her first rehearsal

30 April 2018 at 14:52 CEST
Finland rehearsal Andres Putting
Just before the lunch break in today's rehearsal schedule, it was Saara Aalto's turn to try out the stage with her song 'Monsters'. Those who expected her to actually bring monsters were in for a surprise.

Saara Aalto is firmly established as one of Finland’s major talents and celebrated stars. She was a runner-up in the TV smash hits The Voice and Finland’s Got Talent, and also voices Princess Anna in the Finnish version of the global hit movie Frozen. She was the most and second-most Googled person in Finland in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Saara achieved international stardom when she entered Simon Cowell’s X Factor UK in 2016. 

Saara took part in Finland's national selection numerous times without success. And while Finland always held a public national selection to pick their Eurovision act, broadcaster YLE decided to award their ticket to Lisbon to Saara Aalto directly. 

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The public helped to select her song Monsters, which was written and composed by Saara Aalto, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb and Ki Fitzgerald.

The first thing that caught our attention during Saara Aalto's rehearsal on stage here in Lisbon was the main prop placed centre-stage; a revolving diamond-like wheel with two sides, one of them turning her upside down. Pink and purple dominated the color palette, providing a strong contrast with Saara's short black dress and knee-high black boots. She was surrounded by four dancers in grey suits.

Ahead of today's rehearsal, some rumoured Saara Aalto to actually bring monsters on stage in honour of Finland's last and only Eurovision winner Lordi. Whether that was wishful thinking or not — the only monsters in Saara's act are the ones she is singing about.

Saara took some time to explain to the concept of her performance: "The staging for Monsters is all about me getting free. In the beginning I’m like tied, in a dark place... until I am scared no more, and I’m taking the lead of my life, I’m being the queen of my life, I’m ruling the world! In the end I’m taking a risk, but I’m taking the leap of faith".

Finland will take part in the first Semi-Final on the 8th of May.

What do you think of Saara's first rehearsal? Will Finland make it to the Grand Final? Leave your review in the comments!