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Rybak's 'Fairytale' massive download hit already

Posted 19 May 2009 at 20:23

At iTunes, the largest legal music download platform, Fairytale hit the iTunes Single Top-10 in several countries. At the moment of publication of this article, Rybak's self-penned Eurovision Song Contest ranks as follows:
  • Austria: 3rd
  • Belgium: 1st
  • Denmark: 1st
  • Finland: 1st
  • France: 2nd
  • Germany: 1st
  • Greece: 1st
  • Ireland: 1st
  • Luxembourg: 1st
  • Netherlands: 1st
  • Norway: 1st
  • Portugal: 6th
  • Spain: 1st
  • Sweden: 1st
  • Switzerland: 1st
  • United Kingdom: 3rd
In several countries, Iceland's entry Is It True? has also entered the iTunes Single Top-10.
You can download the 42 songs that competed in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest via the official download shop. For EUR 9,99 you can download the entire album, for 99 cents you can download an individual track. You can also purchase karaoke versions of the available songs.
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