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Ruth Lorenzo: "What I sing comes out of my soul"

09 May 2014 at 22:35 CEST

Ruth appeared wearing a beautiful red dress and the presenter praised her look and asked her if everything is ready for the Final: "We've just handed out the last list of details to be taken care of and now it's in the hands of the universe, I guess".

Ruth Lorenzo looked very relaxed: "I'm ok, I'm trying to keep very calm. I have a singing lesson in just 20 minutes though".

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Is she happy with the starting position she's got? ""I'm very happy with the number I got, 19. I had 22 in mind, but I feel like 19, so it kinda fits!" she joked.

Ruth Lorenzo has changed her dress in the last minute. "It was something I was really concerned about We tried to get an effect on the screen and we didn't manage to get it with the first creation. It was actually by chance and miracle that I found the dress that I'm gonna be wearing in a shop in Copenhagen in the last 24 hours. It is a gorgeous lend from the company that created the dress".

She was asked to send a message to the winner of the Final tomorrow: "Make something beautiful with it. Make beauty with the gift you get. That's my mesage to the winner tomorrow, either if it's me or someone else!" And also a message for artists with less experience: "the only thing is to be yourself on stage. People are gonna tell that you are lying or that you are pretending. So that's my advice to other artists. You can take every situation or experience to your advantage when you're on stage".

Does she have any favourites? "For some reason Conchita Wurst. Not only me but she makes the whole of the audience to stand up. Molly, Aram MP3, and some others... artists that sing with a meaning. I like to feel something". So what's the message behind Dancing In The Rain? "It's a mesage of hope, and in these three minutes I want people to be happy. I wrote it myself so the words that I'm gonna sing have come out of my soul".