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Ruth Lorenzo's way from Spain to Copenhagen

Posted 26 April 2014 at 0:18

When the artists decide to try their luck to represent their countries at the Eurovision Song Contest they probably don't know what a busy schedule lies ahead of them. Below you can see a round-up video of many of the activities that Ruth Lorenzo has done over the last two months
{Video#YT, id: sb6YvvvItbw}

For the Spanish singer the way to Copenhagen has included.
  • winning a very tough national selection
  • loads of promotional appearances and performances including interviews for TV, radio, press, internet, etc.
  • the live Eurovision concerts in Amsterdam and London
{Video#YT, id: OBn5mT8aFMI}
  • the recording of the video-clip for Dancing In The Rain where she develops a complicated dance routine that Ruth has even performed in some top-profile TV shows
  • the recording of the postcard for the Eurovision Song Contest
  • preparations and rehearsals for her performance
{Video#YT, id: ed2fR4aNRNw}
  • the addition of four female backing singers and new arrangements for her song
  • rewarding meetings with the fans
  • and even the fulfilling of the promise that if she won the Spanish national final she would swim with the sharks of Madrid's zoo!
{Video#YT, id: w2EkiJ53SMk}
Ruth Lorenzo will represent Spain at the Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday the 10th of May with the song Dancing In The Rain.
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