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Russia sends the Tolmachevy Twins to Copenhagen

15 March 2014 at 14:48 CET

Today, the Russian broadcaster RTR announced the Tolmachevy Twins as their representatives in Copenhagen. This choice has been made internally by an expert jury. After eight years, Anastasiya and Maria, are back in the Eurovision world. 

About Anastasiya and Maria

Maria and Anastasiya were born on the 14th of January 1997 in the city of Kursk that is in western Russia. Their talent for music showed at an early age. Their mother is a music teacher who was leading them. At the age of six girls took classes in the music studio Sverchok.

Eurovision fans remember the Tolmachevy Twins from 2006 when the girls, at the age of nine, won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Bucharest, Romania. With their song Vesennij Jazz (The Spring Jazz), they reached 154 points.

In 2007, the Tolmachevy Twins participated in the opening ceremony of the international festival of arts Slavianski Bazaar. In the same year, they also released their album Polovinki (The Halves). The sisters stared in the musical Kingdom Of Crooked Mirrors.

The Tolmachevy Twins took part in the opening act of the First Semi-Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Dressed like angels, they landed on stage on the legendary animal called Firebird. Here you can recollect that exciting show in Moscow in 2009:

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Initially, RTR intentended to choose the Russian participant through the project called Kto? (Who?). But the plans had been changed and the candidate has been chosen internally.