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Russia's Dina Garipova about her plans after the Contest

09 April 2013 at 01:56 CEST

Josh Groban, the American singer, songwriter, musician and actor belongs to Dina Garipova’s idols, together with world-famous Whitney Houston and extremely popular Adele. These artists influenced and shaped Dina’s music career and her personality.

One of Dina’s dream was to visit Josh Groban’s concert. And on May 19th, this dream will come true. The Russian representative in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest will not only visit his show in Moscow but she will also have the honour to perform together with Josh Groban on stage.


From the very beginning I thought it was a joke, I have talked about Josh Groban and his music so often that I thought my team made laugh on me.


If Dina Garipova reaches the Grand Final to be held on May 18th in Malmö, her schedule will be very tight. But as the Russian representative says, she will refuse any rest and a day off to stand together with her favourite singer on stage.

Dina is very happy and delighted: "In case of many activities planned for me in the upcoming moths I couldn’t even wish to visit his show and of course never ever imagined that I might become a part of it. I am more than happy and feel like one more of my big dreams come true! I have started to prepare for this performance but mainly in my mind."

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"Right now everything is dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest. It has also been my dream to participate in this amazing Contest once and if I received such a chance, I am going to do my best, introducing my song and performance to the European audience."

Russia will perform in position 6 at the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday May 14th.