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Russia: Not lost and not forgotten

Posted 7 March, 2010, 21:57

Tonight, the Russian national final has been shown by the local broadcaster RTR. Alexander Rybak, the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, started the musical show in Moscow with his winning entry, Fairytale. Afterwards all 25 participants of tonight's event were announced. The public could start casting their votes after the first entry has been performed, and the voting window closed 30 minutes after the last song has been performed. The entries were sung in different languages: Russian, English, Italian, French and Udmurt.
The TV viewers could follow the hard competition between 25 singers. Together with a five-member professional jury, they gave the ticket to the strongest singer. It is the music group of Peter Nalitch with their song Lost And Forgotten!
Here is the running order of the 25 participants in the Russian national final tonight (the winner in bold):
1. Group 'Princessa Avenue' - 7,2 points 2. Jay Stever - 3,9 points 3. Ana - 10,1 points 4. Miusha - 3,4 points 5. Duet 'Para-bellum'- 8,6 points 6. Pyotr Suhov - 1,6 points 7. Oleg Bezinskih - 16, 1 points 8. Natalia Terekhova - 6, 3 points 9. Group 'Jet Kids' - 11,8 points 10. Pavla - 10, 9 points 11. Ekaterina Frolova - 4,4 points 12. Ed Shulzhevskiy - 8,2 points 13. Music group of Peter Nalitch - 20,9 points 14. Group 'Buranovskiye babushki' - 12,9 points 15. Alexander Panaiotov - 10,6 points 16. Group 'Nano' - 5,1 points 17. Natalia Damas and group 'L'brand' - 9,2 points 18. Alena Roxis - 2 points 19. Antonello Carozza - 9,4 points 20. Polina Kozhikova - 5,8 points 21. Group 'Los Devchatos' - 7,5 points 22. Yulika - 6,6 points 23. Elena Esenina - 7,9 points 24. Group 'Alaska' - 2,9 25. Group 'Scenakardia' - 6,9
The winner of the 2008 Song Contest, Dima Bilan, came to support the competitors in the national final this year. He sang his winning entry Believe. Another guest of tonight's musical event was Katya Ryabova, the participant of 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.
If you have missed the show, or just want to see it again, you can do so in our ESCTV Player.
Russia will participate in the First Semi-Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest on the 25th of May.
Last year Russia finished 11th it the 54th Eurovision Song Contest. The entry, Mamo, was performed by Anastasia Prikhodko.
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