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Russia: Long dresses, translucent sticks and a seesaw

Alexandrous Panayi, who has a long-lasting Eurovision Song Contest experience, starting already in 1989 when he was a backing vocalist, is the vocal coach of the Tolmachevy Sisters. "It's incredible how hard-working they are, and so eager to learn! They are no divas at all", he told us.

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Just before their vocal lessons the girls joined us to show their stage costumes to the camera: Long elegant beige dresses, very classic, just like their hairstyle. During the last take of their rehearsal today they also wore a small hat. They seemed relaxed and in a good mood.

On stage the twins will use an elaborate prop - a balancing seesaw. You can check out our special feature we did with them, showing how they practice their choreography and giving a few impressions of their stay in Copenhagen so far:

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In today's rehearsal, the Tolmachevy Twins started the stage act standing on the balanced seesaw with their hair interwoven - later they move away from each other, and the link breaks.

The colours of the stage set change from dark blue to a warm and sunny mix of yellow and red during the song, matching the lyrics of Shine, which speak of sharing a "message of love" with the world.

Towards the end, one of the backing artists, Rui Andrade also appears on stage behind the girls to open up a sun-like canvas. The performance ends with a camera close-up of the two twins, who are the youngest artists in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

The Tolmachevy Sister have definitely been enjoying their stay in Copenhagen so far:

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"People were asking us for photos and autographs suddenly!"

"We are very happy with the rehearsal and what we did. It looked beautiful to us", the Tolmachevy Sisters commented on their rehearsal.

Fokas Evangelinos, designer of the stage act, explained the changes made in this rehearsal: "It's always an evolution from one performance to the next. It's not just what we show to Europe, it's more like a conversation with the public. Today's rehearsal was fantastic, the crew made all the changes we requested."

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The Tolmachevy Sisters won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 - did their lives change afterwards? "Of course our life has changed - people were asking us for photos and autographs suddenly when we were just walking on the streets! And we even released an album, called Polovinki (Parts)."

"The 'grown up' Eurovision Song Contest is much more complicated, a more serious step. We feel a great responsibility because we represent the whole of Russia, but we have always hoped to get on this stage. And we are very happy to be here", they explained the differences between the two events.

"Philip Kirkorov gave us a lot advice: For example that the most important thing is to just to sing, and to be confident about ourselves", they stated about the support from one of the most experienced Russian artists, who is also part of the songwriting team of Shine.

One member of the press wanted to know the title of the Russian version of Shine. "It's called Polovina, and we just presented it one week ago", Kirkorov added.