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Russia: Drama in black

Posted 9 May 2009 at 14:45

Anastasia Prikhodko performed her love ballad Mamo for the first time today. Its dramatic character was emphasized by dark colours on stage. In the beginning the background was lit in green and black colours which turned into black later on. The LEDs pictured the lead singer's face and moved down towards the end of the song. Anastasia wore leisure black clothes with her long black hair braided. She stood alone on the very front of the stage, fully concentrating on her vocal performance. During the second run Konstantin Meladze, the composer of the song, was also present on stage. Five female backing vocals stood behind Anastasia on the left side. The lyrics of her song was about unhappy love. With her strong voice the singer transmitted her sadness and dissapointment in love to the audience. She sang one chorus in Russian and one in Ukrainian language, both referring to her mother.
Anastasia Prihodko will be the host nation's entry in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. She won the Russian national final on the 7th of March, getting the top marks from both the televoting audience and the professional jury. She is most known in Russia for winning Star Factory in 2006, one of the country's leading musical shows. In a duet with Russian star Valeriy Meladze, she sang the song Bezotvetno (Unrepliable) which became a monster hit all over Russia. Singing is the most important thing in Anastasia’s life, but she has also got some other hobbies: chess, horse riding and good clothes, especially of black color!
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In the press conference Dzhanik Fayziev and Arman Yakhin, movie makers, told about a video film which they were preparing for Anastasia's entry in the Final. The film would show the change of face of the lead singer starting at the age of twenty till the age of seventy. Konstantin Meladze was asked to describe the stage act. He stressed that the show wouldn't have much choreography and would concentrate on Anastasia's vocal skills and feelings. Anastasia Prikhodko and Konstantin Meladze were asked how they came to the decision to perform Mamo in two languages, Russian and Ukrainian. Meladze said that he had close relationships to Russia as well as Ukraine. He also added that Anastasia is originally from Ukraine and Ukrainian is her mother tongue. The lead singer performed one of her Russian songs to the journalists.
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