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Russia: Ageing on the screens

Posted 10 May 2009 at 14:49

As announced in the Russian press conference yesterday, Anastasia Prikhodko didn't want to reveal the secret about her dress for the Final yet. Nevertheless, she appeared in a very elegant plain white dress and stood in front of a projection screen showing the changes of her face from her current age till her sunset years. The backing vocals wore black long dresses with red headscarves. The LEDs in front and over the stage also showed the same pictures. The background was lit in black and green showing cardiograms. With slight hand movements and bowing, the lead artist showed her sad feelings about love. The Russian delegation was unhappy about the camera shots, which led to a delay of the rehearsal. The press conference started with a video showing the same projection used in the rehearsal today. Anastasia Prikhodko was asked to sing one of her favorite songs of her childhood. She performed a lullaby which her mother sang to her. The lead singer confirmed that she would perform in the white dress which she wore on stage today. Konstantin Meladze added, however, that today only ten percent of the stage act in the Final were shown. Anastasia was asked to name her favorite Russian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest ever. Her answer was that she hadn't followed the Eurovision Song Contest over the years.
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