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Ruslana and Serduchka interval acts German final

24 January 2008 at 13:21 CET

On the official website, Head of Delegation Ralf Quibeldey explains that the number of participants in the German final has been raised from three to five, to show a bigger variety of music genres. The acts for the national final were chosen by a panel including NDR executives, upon consultation with various record labels. Professionalism and experience were top priority, and all participants had to be signed with a record label. 

Each participant will bring a well-known supporter to the national final. The names of the artists' supporters are yet to be revealed, but Quibeldey promises a surprise.

As one of the so called 'Big Four'-countries, along with France, Spain and the United Kingdom, Germany is guarantueed a place in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. However, German entries failed to be successful for the past couple of years. In 2004, Max was the last singer who brought Germany a top-10 placing. His Can't Wait Until Tonight finished 8th.