Ruslan Alehno to Belgrade for Belarus!

The final round of EuroFest 2008, which was initiated in order to find the Belarusian representative for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, was held tonight at the National Sports Palace in Minsk. 

The show was presented by Denis Kurian and Vera Poliakova. A total of four songs had proceeded to the final from the semi-final, which was held on the 21st of December with 15 participants. This was the order of appearance of the finalists:

  1. Po Glazam - Devochka Tryokhtysyachnykh Let
  2. Gunesh - I Can't Live Without You 
  3. Litesound - Do You Believe
  4. Ruslan Alehno - Hasta La Vista

In the end, an expert jury decided that, out of the four participants, the 26-year old Ruslan Alehno would be the one most capable to gain votes from an international TV audience. Hasta La Vista is a contemporary pop song, the lyrics of which are completely in English with the notable exception of the title, of course. The song was written by T. Demchuk and E. Melnik. Alekhno rose to popularity after winning Narodniy Artist 2, the Russian version of Pop Idol, in 2004. 

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