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Running order Malmö 2013 to be determined by producers

07 November 2012 at 16:02 CET

Until now, the order in which artists perform was decided purely by draw, both for the Semi-Finals as well as for the Final. From this year onwards, the running order of the three shows will be determined in three steps:

  • As before, the countries that perform in the Semi-Finals will be determined by the Semi-Final Allocation Draw. This draw will traditionally take place in late January. Countries are being divided into pots based on historical voting patterns, the draw will then determine which country is represented in which Semi-Final;
  • Different from previous years, the producers of the show will determine the exact running order of the Semi-Finals;
  • The running order for the Final will be determined the same way. The producers of the show will determine the exact running order. Only the starting position of the host country will be determined by draw.

The new way of determining the running order will contribute to making three diverse shows: "We want to make great television. For our viewers, but also for the participants. Allowing the producers to determine the running order will help to make more exciting television shows and allows each contestant to stand out, instead of being surrounded by entries in similar style or tempo," says Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest  on behalf of the EBU.

The running order will be determined by the producers and will be approved by the EBU Executive Supervisor and the Reference Group.

To assure a fair distribution and sufficient availability of tickets over neighbouring countries, the Reference Group also decided that Denmark and Norway will perform in different Semi-Finals at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. A draw held at the EBU headquarters determined that Denmark will participate in the first Semi-Final, and Norway shall be represented in the second Semi-Final.