RTS presents creative plans for Belgrade 2008

Production Designer Goran Joksimović explained the theme for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Confluence of Sound, and the sub-logo of the contest. A graphic presentation featuring Marija's winning song Molitva

Sven Stojanović, a Serbian living in Sweden, has been appointed as multi-camera director of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. He has been involved with the contest several times, and directed the 2005 contest in Kyiv as well. "20 camera's will be used for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, eight of them equipped with motion-control," he explained. "It is very important to me to have an identity for each of the songs," Stojanović said, emphasizing the importance of a specific identity for each songs in a participants field of 43. 

Per Sundin, who was heavily involved with the organization of the 2003 contest in Riga, also joined the team in Belgrade as light designer. He explained the choice for the German company Procon as one of the key technical partners, adding more details to the creative concept of the show; "The first Semi-Final will be created around a city theme, the second Semi-Final around the theme of water, and the Final will be a mix of those." 

Later today, the delegation heads will get a guiding tour through the Belgrade Arena and the Sava Centre. 

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