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Rona Nishliu: "The greatest achievement in my life"

"The song is based on my personal experience", Rona Nishliu states in our video interview. "It's about the difficult times everyone can have. But there is certainly a light at the end of the tunnel. My song is dedicated to all people who are having a difficult time - only if you search for this light, you will find it."

When Rona was asked why she chose to sing Suus in her native Albanian language, she replied: "Each musical piece sounds most powerful in the language it was thought while it was in the creative process."

The participation in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest means a lot to her: "This is the greatest achievement in my life," she told We certainly wish her the best of luck in Baku! 

Don't miss the full video interview we had with Rona Nishliu, which you can watch on Youtube:

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