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Romanian line-up final!

Posted 29 January 2009 at 20:58

The finalists were chosen by a mixed vote between a jury and televoters. Tonight the following 12 acts participated and 6 of them, in bold, will compete again in the final:
  1. Besa - Nothing Gonna Change
  2. Red Blonde - Nu Am Cu Cine
  3. Adrian Molnar - Go On
  4. Catalin - Stop
  5. Soundcheck - You Are My Love
  6. Etnic - The Love Is The Life
  7. Irina Popa - I Feel Your Presence
  8. Alexa - One Last Night
  9. Alin Nica - Don't Leave
  10. IMBA - Round & Round
  11. Costi Ionita - Can You Forgive
  12. Elena Gheorghe - The Balkan Girls
In early January, a special jury appointed by Romanian broadcaster TVR had selected the 24 songs that would participate in the Romanian selection.
Now all the 12 acts, together with the first six-pack chosen on Tuesday, will take the stage again on Saturday when the Romanian representative will be chosen for the 54th Eurovision Song Contest.
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