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Romanian electro-pop "love opera"

09 May 2013 at 18:20 CEST

Cezar performed on the biggest stages in the world, singing at the most important music festivals, but still the Eurovision Song Contest is a new challenge for him. “I’m really looking forward to perform, because it’s different in comparing to other festivals and venues I have been to. The whole of Europe is going to watch the show and I am glad that I’m being part of it”, Cezar Ouatu said a minute before having his first sound check.

Cristian Faur composed this year’s Romanian entry. His work is already known to the Eurovision audience as his song Let Me Try, performed by Luminiţa Anghel & Sistem finished on third place. “I wanted something different and this was a good opportunity to write first Eurovision electro pop opera”, Faur explained while watching Cezar’s first rehearsal.

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The Romanian contratenor has had a lot of great duets in his successful career, performing vocal-symphonic music up to great variety of opera roles. That’s why we were wondering, who would he like to do a pop duet with. “For this year I have already planned a duet with Andrea Bocelli. But there are actually a lot of artists that I would like to sing with. Let’s say I would like to have duet with Sarah Brightman too”, was Cezar’s answer.

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During the first rehearsal on the stage, Cezar proved that he has no vocal limits. He also revealed his costume. It's black organic jacket with some Swarovski stones, designed by Doina Levintza. The Romanian “Voice” is being backed up by four dancers and lot’s of red elements on the stage including the lights.

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