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Romania: Twelve acts racing for Eurovision

Posted 13 Febuary 2015 at 12:05

According to the Romanian public broadcaster around 100 songs were submitted till the end of January and listened to by the expert jury members who made a final decision about the finalists and entries. Among this year's contestants and composers, there are also some familiar 'Eurovision faces' like: Luminita Anghel, Andrei Tudor and Cristian Faur.

12 finalists and entries

Aurelian Temişan feat. AlexaChica Latina BăieţiiDragoste In Lanţuri Blue Noise - Love Won’t Run Away CEJ - We Were In Love Cristina VasiuNowhere De La CapătVoltaj Lara Lee - Superman Luminiţa AnghelA Million Stars Ovidiu Anton - Still Alive Rodica AculovaMy Light SupertrooperSecret Place Tudor TurcuSave Us
As the final is scheduled for the 8th of March (three weeks after the announcement about the finalists and their acts), there will be enough of time for the promotion, TVR told Eurovision.tv. Furthermore, the Romanian public broadcaster will assure that all the participants can count on equal terms and the same media exposure during that period.
During the Final scheduled for the 8th of March (20:00 CET), TV viewers will be able to vote only once (from a single phone number), which means that TV viewers in Romania will have to think very wisely, who they are going to support, before giving a vote!
For the final decision, TVR is using the same pattern as the Eurovision Song Contest. That means, the TV audience and jury are sharing their votes during the LIVE broadcast. At some point, all the votes will be merged and the winning song will be announced.
Stay tuned for more information!
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