Romania, Russia & Greece's second rehearsal

Romania's duet Pe-o Margine De Lume was next to rehearse in Belgrade on this early afternoon. Nico & Vlad gave a solid performance of their almost classical ballad which might get a lot of votes from the more mature audience of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Both Nico's and Vlad's vocals were good today, and between all uptempo songs, this tender song could be one to stand out this year. The stage for the Romanian song is held in mainly dark colours with black and blue dominating. Nico and Vlad are helped on stage by three female backing singers and one piano-player, but the duo didn't wear their final stage clothes yet. Romania's starting position in the first semi-final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest is No. 17 with 19 countries altogether, so this late spot might be remembered by the European televoters. In their press conference, Nico & Vlad admitted that you'd have to be extremely well-prepared to get a placing in the Eurovision Song Contest, but they felt very optimistic about their performance. Additionally, Nico also sang parts of her song from the 2006 Romanian national final, Jokero, which she then sang with the group Akcent. 

After throwing a superb party together with the Russian delegation at the Euroclub last night, Russia's Dima Bilan entered the stage in the Belgrade Arena to have his second rehearsal. If Dima Bilan wants to improve his result from 2006 and thereby winning this year, he will have to deliver the best he has learned. And it seems like he is well on his way: Dima's vocal abilities were put to the test, but he fully lives up to what is expected. It all comes together despite the many elements that is included in this Russian performance (the violinist Edvin Marton and figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko). There is a change since the last rehearsal: the ladder feature has been left out, and now Dima ends the song standing in between Edvin and Evgeni. They are all throwing themselves down on their knees at the closure of the song. Dima Bilan is barefoot during the performance of Believe which enhances the feeling of him and life being vulnerable, and like in the first rehearsal he is dressed all in white. But instead of wearing a white jacket, he was wearing a thin, white shirt today. At the press conference after the rehearsal, the Russian delegation thanked all guests at the Russian Party yesterday night, and they expressed what a great experience it was.

Greece's superstar Kalomira had a brilliant rehearsal this afternoon displaying her final clothes for the first semi-final on the 20th of May! She is wearing a pink, short dress initially which turns into a silver-coloured top in the middle of the song. The stage during the Greek rehearsal was very colourful with pink being the dominating colour. Just like in their first rehearsal, a gigantic book was on stage which is opened at one part of the song showing a big heart which pops up. The whole performance is very well choreographed and Kalomira's three dancers have a very effective dance routine as well. The Greek act also had two backing singers on stage which give extra power to the vocal performance of the song. In her press conference, sweet Kalomira charmed the present journalists and fans, and revealed that everything has gone really well in Belgrade for her so far. The Greek delegation will have a party tonight together with the Cypriot one, and of course will be there and supply you with the latest footage from there!


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