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Romania: Pop and pulsating circles

08 May 2011 at 13:30 CEST

The British David Bryan arrived backstage with his Hotel FM to rehearse for the second time on Sunday. He enjoyed the welcoming party on Saturday night. "I didn't have any alcohol, I just showed my face. But it was a shame Blue left so early, I wanted to speak to them," David says.

He feels that it's important to have some time on your own. "I like to have my time of relaxation and meditation, if you like, to get in my place, where I concentrate." About their rehearsal, he says: "Think the first rehearsal was quite good, but I'll try to do a little bit better today, and I will obviously go 100% for the Semi-Final and the Final."

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Accredited journalists from all over the world can follow all arena rehearsals on location. Material from the rehearsals always end up on the Internet, and David holds this as a good thing. "It's nice. Of course everything's put on YouTube, and that makes you give 100%, since people all over the world are gonna see you. It all adds up to the feel of who people think are gonna win. So I think it's a good thing that the press is there," he says.

As regards the second Romanian rehearsal, not much was changed compared to the first one. The lead singer showed a flawless vocal performance, and an elaborate stage act added to the visual appeal: Two female backing dancers in black suits and hats were performing a dance routine involving trumpets. Apart from that, a drummer and a pianist were accompanying the lead singer on stage.

The background LEDs showed pulsating circles and ovals, fitting the energetic song and performance well, just like the flickering lights on the stage floor. Altogether, today's performance of Hotel FM looked and sounded great on the screens.

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In their press conference, Hotel FM commented on their rehearsal: "It's getting better and better! It's really good."

A journalist asked if the fact that Romania came third in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest put pressure on them, David Bryan said: "We didn't come here to break the records, we just do the best we can."

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