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Romania: Paula and Ovi back with their Miracle

30 April 2014 at 19:27 CEST

It was déjà vu for Paula Seling & Ovi today as they arrived at the B&W-Hallerne in Copenhagen for their first rehearsal. Just four years ago, they stormed to an impressive 3rd place at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with the song Playing With Fire. This time, they will perform Miracle at the 2nd Semi-Final on the 8th of May. 

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"It's amazing to be back!"

On arrival to the arena, Paula and Ovi were both in high spirits. "It is amazing to be back", said Paula when on her way to the in-ear rehearsal. Ovi was equally excited, especially about getting onto the big stage in the B&W Hallerne. 

Before heading to their sound check, the pair could be heard practicing Miracle from their dressing room, getting their vocals ready for their rehearsal. 

Circular keyboard on stage

The most striking feature of the Romanian on stage presentation, is the unique circular keyboard that Ovi uses during the performance. Both Paula Seling & Ovi are known for using pianos in innovative ways in their performances. 

The graphics on stage are very colourful, especially towards the latter part of the song where silouhettes of butterflies and whirling colour streams move along to the tempo of this up-tempo dance number.  At the beginning there are cooler blue tones 

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An innovation with this performance is a part where Paula is superimposed onto the screen, giving the impression of being at the end of the catwalk before disappearing into thin air, very much reflecting title of the song: Miracle. 

On stage, Paula and Ovi were wearing their promotional dark Miracle t-shirts with Ovi wearing and jeans and Paula in a skirt. To the right of the stage, the pair are joined by four backing singers, who are not visible for most of the performance.