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Romania: Paula and Ovi are playing with fire

19 May 2010 at 13:00 CEST

The Romanian delegation had already hinted to that Paula Seling & Ovi's performance would be spectacular and on stage today, the twosome didn't disappoint the media and fans present,  as they delivered several convincing performances of their entry Playing With Fire.

Paula and Ovi commence their song sitting on both sides of a shine-through double piano which has been enhanced by white-glimmering LEDs. As the song goes on, both singers leave their piano positions though and move to the front part of the stage. The singers are helped by four female backing singers who have been placed on the left part of the stage.

The lights used in the Romanian performance change from blue to orange with the words "Girl" and "Boy"" being displayed on the backdrop. All singers on stage were clad in black with Paula wearing a sexy black catsuit. According to the Romanian team, it's not yet decided if these will be the final costumes for the Semi-Final, but it would be one of the options. Also, at the last take, the Romanians added lots of fire at the back part of the scene and also on the piano itself which worked very well with the title of their song Playing With Fire.


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"A fight between a boy and a girl"

Paula Seling & Ovi entered their press conference with a nice gimmick as fire was emerging from their hands. Ovi confirmed that the rehearsal went well for them and that there just would be a few things with the cameras to work out. He added that it's a great feeling to represent his mother country, but he feels very privileged to have two countries he belongs to, as he spent the last 15 years living in Norway.

Paula revealed that she met up with Ovi at a Romanian song festival where they decided to team up and create a song for the Eurovision Song Contest. Getting to Oslo was the sum of hard work, but both singers feel very happy to be here now that the work that has paid off.

The piano they use on stage was created by Paula's husband who'd also be her most honest critic. Paula added that their song Playing With Fire is based on the idea of a fight between a boy and a girl which was also the main theme of the video-clip they created. A touch of opera was added to make the song more interesting.

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Paula Seling recorded her first album, Only Love in 1998. Up until now she has released twelve albums, including three Christmas albums and a compilation. Her latest one, released last year, is a double album with 17 songs, all composed, produced and arranged by herself. In 2005, Paula launched her own recording studio and record label, called Unicorn Records, along with her husband. She sang in duets with e.g. Al Bano, Anita Doth (from 2 Unlimited), Tony Hawks and she served as an opening act for Joan Baez , Ricky Martin, Michael Bolton and Beyonce.

Ovi is a Romanian/Norwegian singer and composer. In early 2009, he released his first solo album This Gig Almost Got Me Killed. Ovi has also taken part in Norway's national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest before, in 2006 and 2009. Ovi's talent was noticed while he was just a kid. In his early years, he listened actively to music and he actually discovered his voice "by accident" while imitating everybody from We Are The World.