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Romania: Learn the dance steps to "Zaleilah"

13 April 2012 at 14:23 CEST

This year, Romania are represented by the latin inspired band, Mandinga bringing some of the best and most unique sounds from Romania and Cuba to the Eurovision Song Contest.

In the first Semi-Final on the 22nd of May, Mandinga will perform Zaleilah, an infectiously catchy song with a strong beat, passion and of course a very pronounced latin sound.

In order to catch the essence of the song, the band have choreographered an equally catchy dance sequence. In fact Mandinga think it is so good that they have created a tutorial video, where you can learn the dance moves and on the 22nd of May when you are watching the band performing in Baku, you too can join in and dance along to the beat.

Take a look at the tutorial video below:

Who are Mandinga?

Mandinga is a unique band in Romania. The cultural variety, as a result of mixing Romanian and Cuban musicians, guarantees the best show on stage. The group is capable of pleasing the most heterogeneous crowds.

Mandinga consists of 7 members: Elena (lead vocals), Alex (trumpet), Chupi (drums), El Niño (congas), Omar (piano), Zach (saxophone) and Tony (trombone). Only six of them will sing on the stage in Baku, Tony being just their Green Room supporter.

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The band started 10 years ago. Since then they have become known as the best latino band in the country. They have released no less than four albums so far and at the moment, the band members are working on a new album which will be released soon.

See the official preview video of Zaleilah below: