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Romania's Ester Peony defeats evil spirits in first rehearsal

06 May 2019 at 14:49 CEST
Romania 2019 first rehearsal Andres Putting
Even though it is Monday, today it was time for Romania's first rehearsal with their song 'On A Sunday'. Singer Ester Peony starts out sitting down on a red armchair. After a battle between good and evil takes place on the stage, represented by 2 dancers and images of water and fire, Ester will no longer be a prisoner of her demon.

Ester Peony will take to the stage 6th in the second Semi-Final on Thursday 16 May at Expo Tel Aviv in Israel.

Romania's 2019 Eurovision Song Contest representative is 25-year-old Ester Alexandra Creţu, known as Ester Peony. She is a Romanian singer and songwriter who has discovered her passion for music since childhood when she lived with her family in Montréal, Canada. She will perform 'On a Sunday' in Tel Aviv, which combines a guitar sound with fresh lyrics that complement the dark mood with a message: Love becomes dangerous when it is given to the wrong person.

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What happens on stage?

The performance of Romania's song On A Sunday has a goth vibe. Ester is imprisoned in a house haunted by 2 spirits; water and fire. These are represented by her dancers, while the 2 backing singers are ghosts who have been held captive in the haunted house for several generations.

While Ester tries to free herself through her singing and moves, the spirits fight a battle between good and evil, an allegory to the toxic relationship in which the character of Ester has entered, as portrayed in the lyrics of the song. By the end it looks like Ester unleashes fire defeating evil and darkness and transforming it into a brighter stage and a hopeful future.

Will Ester Peony bring Romania back to the Grand Final? Let us know in the comments!