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Romania calls for entries

06 February 2012 at 12:37 CET

This morning on the website of Romania's national broadcaster, TVR, detailed rules and conditions for this year's national selection were published.

Songwriters have from today (6th of February) until the 23rd of February to submit their entries, either in person or by post, to TVR in Bucharest.

On the 28th and 29th of February a pre-selection round will take place where between 9 and 11 experts will listen to the songs and choose between 12 and 17 entries to participate in the national final on the 10th of March.

TVR has stated that they will be recommending artists to perform the songs. These will be published on the official TVR Eurovision Song Contest website on the 5th of March.

As mentioned the national selection will take place on the 10th of March at the TVR studios in Bucharest where the final choice on who will represent Romania at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku will be made by a professional jury and televoting, both of which have equal weighting.

In Düsseldorf last year, Hotel FM came 17th in the final and Romania are hoping to do better in Baku where they will perform in the first half of the first Semi-Final on the 22nd of May.

Stay tuned to for more news about Romania's national selection as we get it!