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Romance on a blossoming stage for Poland

16 May 2015 at 20:28 CEST
Monika Kuszyńska sang for Poland in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest Elena Volotova (EBU)
Monika Kuszyńska is the last one to rehearse today in the Wiener Stadthalle. Her song In The Name Of Love is all about love, romance, and positive energy, and the stage setting well depicts that. She will not only sing, she also wrote the lyrics of the song herself, while her husband Kuba Raczyński composed the Polish entry. So it definitely is one of the most personal and heart-felt pieces of music in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Check out our video and photo footage!

The visuals of the stage have two very distinct parts in the Polish performance: The side screens display black and white images from Monika's past, while the LED screens directly behind the main stage show a romantic scenery filled with blossoming trees in rose colour.

Waving veils are shown on the backdrop too, an effect which is mirrored on stage by Monika holding the train of her dress. It's a calm and warm-hearted act to close the second Semi-Final.

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There is one central message in Monika's song: "You've got the greatness within you."

"It's a quote from Les Brown but I put it also into my song lyrics because it's an important message and I think everyone is beautiful and special in some way", she explains. "We all have a purpose in life, our own unique path, and we just need to believe that it's true, that we can find it, and follow it. If you know that and really feel that, you are very strong. You can overcome almost all difficulties and obstacles in life, and just live your life fully."

"I am much more comfortable now, everything is fine. I feel safe here", Monika explained her feelings before the second rehearsal.

The background scenery has pink as a dominant colour, with a blooming spring landscape displayed. "I think it's kind of a romantic thing, I like it very much. It's very feminine and delicate, just like my song. So it's a perfect match."

In 2014 Poland was also represented by a very feminine act in the Eurovision Song Contest. "Yes, of course I talked to Donatan and Cleo - they gave me some advice. They told me about their experience, that they were very happy to be here - a lot of nice memories. But of course we are different, very different. It's not about comparing each other. It's about being genuine, being true to your style," Monika said, smiling.

"The People around me are my greatest treasure"

Monika Kuszyńska first commented on her experience in the recording session of her "postcard", which took place at the Demel Bakery in Vienna: "I made a cake myself - it's the one you will see on the screen. I really like to cook and bake myself - I like a healthy lifestyle."

What was Monika's driving force to keep fighting after her accident? "Of course it was not easy and it took a few years. There were ups and downs, I was devastated. But I met many people in the hospital who had a much worse situation than I had, but still they were so positive and showed me their open heart. They were inspiring me a lot, like my family and friends. We can do so many things together, we don't need to do so much alone, on our own. Previously I was afraid to show my weaknesses, and I have overcome this feeling. The most difficult thing was to accept myself, to look in the mirror and say: I like myself. So I finally started to love myself again", Monika explained.

"We made the video first and decided to keep it that way - romantic, quite delicate. I think it's a good view on the song, and we also trusted the people here that they can do it perfectly. And they did", Monika told the press about the idea behind her stage act in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

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