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Roman Lob being himself for Germany

19 May 2012 at 14:40 CEST
Roman Lob reached the top 10 for Germany in 2012 EBU

Before his rehearsal, we met Roman Lob backstage, and he admitted that he is nervous just before his performance. "Now that I hear Loreen in the background, who is one of the favourites, I start to feel nervous little by little. But at the same time I can't wait to go on this stage," he explained.

He already revealed what his stage performance will be like: "I will just be myself - I'm not thinking about how to move and what to do on stage", he told us.

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Before going on stage, Roman tries to relax. "I always need some sweets", he admitted. "I just go through my song again, together with my band members, and I try to relax", Roman went on.

Of course, the German representative needs moral support here in Baku as well. "My father will arrive shortly, and my two best friends will be here with me too."

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In his first rehearsal, the German representative performed Standing Still together with a small band, including a drummer, two guitar players, and a pianist. With many white spotlights, a club atmosphere was created on stage.

The background LEDs were kept dark with only single red dots moving on them. Towards the end of the song, white lights appeared on the backdrop, creating the impression of a starry sky.

Roman was wearing casual clothes on stage, and a black cap - his very own trademark. He made a confident impression, and he did manage to just be himself in front of the cameras indeed!

In the press conference, Roman Lob was asked why he didn't perform any instruments on stage himself on the Eurovision stage. "It's a little difficult for me to play the piano or the drums in the song. I want to concentrate just on my voice", he explained.

On the question if his recent album Changes would be released internationally, Roman answered: "There are fast songs, chilled songs, ballads on my album. It would be great to have support to have it released all over Europe", he said.

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"My own goal is a top-ten place. That would be awesome! Apart from that, I just want to have fun", Roman Lob commented on his expectations. When he was asked if, in case of a victory next Saturday, he would represent Germany again in the Eurovision Song Contest in the following year, like Lena did, he stated: "I like Eurovision, but I don't think so, no."

On the cooperation with the composer of his Eurovision entry, Roman Lob said: "From the beginning, Standing Still was my favourite song. Jamie Cullum is a great artist, and it just shows." The German Head of Delegation added that Jamie Cullum came to Hamburg to show his support for Roman last week, and he even performed Standing Still there himself.

Together with his guitarist, Roman Lob then performed an acoustic version of Standing Still, and the press audience happily joined in!