Roman and Ornella are the German finalists!

Out of the original 20 candidates of Unser Star für Baku, only four have made it as far as tonight's semi-final, which started by a televote to determine the running order of the first round of the show.

There, each of the four candidates presented onen song, and the TV public voted on their performance, while the jury panel - Alina Süggeler, Thomas D, and Stefan Raab - only gave comments. This is the line-up of the first round (in order of appearance, qualifiers for the second round in bold):

  • Shelly Phillips
  • Ornella de Santis (3rd)
  • Yana Gercke (2nd)
  • Roman Lob (1st)

Then, the remaining three candidates each sang another song, and again the public eliminated one of them by televoting - this time the unlucky one was Yana. Thus, the finalists of Unser Star für Baku will be Ornella de Santis, who was second in the televote, and Roman Lob, who came first!

You can watch all of tonight's performances on the official Unser Star für Baku website. On Thursday, the final of the German national selection for Baku will be aired on Das Erste, at 20:15 CET. This will also be the premiere of the potential German Eurovision songs, so be sure not to miss it!

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