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Rockin' 1000 set to take Turin by storm!

24 March 2022 at 16:30 CET
Rockin' 1,000 will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest
Rockin’ 1000 is the biggest rock band on Earth - their gigs literally feature one thousand musicians playing together at the same time… and they’re coming to the Eurovision Song Contest!

The band is about to put out a call for members to record something special in Turin, related to the promotion of the show that will be part of the Eurovision Song Contest when it is broadcast in May this year.

How did the Rockin’ 1000 come to be? Well, in the midst of a faraway Italian valley, Fabio Zaffagnini, a marine geologist, saw a mirage: the Foo Fighters performing in his hometown of Cesena in 2014.

Fabio envisioned 1,000 musicians playing their most notable hit Learn to Fly simultaneously, with a view to creating the biggest tribute ever made.

📺 Watch: Rockin’ 1000 – Learn To Fly

With a lot of hard work, determination, and a number of early enthusiasts, on July 26, 2015, as the sun approached the horizon, 1,000 rockers played the song magnificently in unison, even catching the attention of the Foo’s Dave Grohl himself.

A year later the thousand strong band played a full set list of 17 rock hits at the Manuzzi Stadium in Cesena. Now the Eurovision Song Contest is in their sights.

Information will shortly be released to Rockin’ 1000 members, so check out their website and subscribe if you want to be part of it, and give them a follow across social media.

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