Robin's birthday rubber-dance for Estonia

Dressed in neat clothing, Robin Juhkental, lead singer of Estonia's band Malcolm Lincoln, entered the stage at noon on Thursday. This was the second Estonian rehearsal of the entry Siren, and for the second time, Robin displayed his trademark moves. The song differs from the several mainstream entries of the contest, and the stage performance differs accordingly, with this special dance performance.

After to the first rehearsal, the Estonian delegation changed minor details in the lighting and the camera angles, one being the final shot of the song. In this, Robin slowly falls down to his knees: Previously, the camera shot was taken from the front. Now, the angle is instead sideways across the stage, displaying the piano in the background.

As this was Robin's 22nd birthday, supporters present at the rehearsal sang a short birthday song for him. He thanked them via the microphone. But that was before the big surprise, which he got after finishing his rehearsal for this day, when the production team displayed a huge Happy Birthday text across the entire backdrop of the stage.


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"There will be a party tonight"

Malcolm Lincoln is a new name in the Estonian music scene. In the press conference, they told of how the Estonian national selections have changed in the last couple of years. Previously, the artists competing were mainly seasoned performers with past participations in the national selections. Now, many new acts are competing, providing a wider perspective on the Estonian music scene.

Robin Juhkental was also asked about how he will celebrate his birthday. Because of the upcoming contest, he can't party too much.

"We can't celebrate too much, because the competition is in five days, but there will be a party tonight," Robin said.

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