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Robin: “I just want to go on stage!”

On stage, during the performance Robin is wearing a beige-grey outfit, a loose-fitting white vest and white leather shoes. In other words, it’s quite a different from what he was wearing at Melodifestivalen “We changed our outfits for this occasion, because I want to share something with audience, to tell them something. I don’t want the  focus to be on what I’m wearing”, Robin said during the press conference, after the First Dress rehearsal of the Grand Final.

As he is mostly concentrated on singing, Robin’s dancers are going to deliver a great acrobatic show, moving, dancing and jumping around, doing somersaults on Eurovision stage. “Choreography is different too. There were too many people on the stage. Besides, I asked my choreographer if we can have a bit of deeper expression in those moves as they need to illustrate a dynamic journey through my life including some falls”, he stated.

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Even though he already explained, what is his song all about, Robin pointed out that he is singing about his life. “I’m singing about my whole life, growing up and having support from my family. Since I was a kid I always wanted to be on stage and they were very supportive all the time. They still are.”

One of the questions that came from the press was how is he managing to stay so humble. “Not many people have a chance to experience what I’ve done. I just want to show that I am very thankful, that’s who I am”, the Swedish contestant replied.

The performance of this year’s Swedish entry ends with waterfall pyros and perfect timing, as the last pyros burn out, the lighting has all the performers silhouetted on stage. “I think it’s awesome, also because this is our last press conference before the Final, so I’m done with talking. I just want to go on stage”.

Sweden will perform in position number 16 in the Grand Final.