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Roberto goes lyrical on stage in Malmö

07 May 2013 at 12:57 CEST

This shy guy from Belgium has an astonishing amount of achievement behind him having won the talent show The Voice Belgique and has now been selected to represent his country at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Love Kills.

Backstage, Roberto was calm and collected but a little bit nervous. The first rehearsal for any artist at the Eurovision Song Contest is always a full of the unknown and never being completely sure what to expect. 

We followed Roberto and the Belgian delegation to the sound check room where they performed a confident version of Love Kills before moving to the stage area. They were all very upbeat and the delegation told us a bit about how the song had been completely remastered for the contest. 

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On stage, Roberto had a confident first run-through of Love Kills with the stage theme based on spotlights and various purple shades; something that goes quite well with the upbeat and passionate nature of his song. Also interesting at the beginning is the lyrics of the song being projected onto the rear wall of stage, in order for the viewer to really be able to visualise the message of the song. 

He is joined by two female dancers and three backing singers making a grand total of six artists on stage. The choreography makes full use of the features built into the stage at the Malmö Arena including the shards like props that are lowered from the rigging. 

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Afterwards Roberto went into the centre of Malmö to meet and greet press and fans at the Euroclub.

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