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Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd qualified for the final in 2014 with the song 'Rise Up'
Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd qualified for the final in 2014 with the song 'Rise Up'
Photo: EBU

Risking their fortunes with a trampoline

Small change

Part of the fun in watching the second rhearsals is to see what has changed from the first rehearsal, Quite often this can be the costumes and the outfits, sometimes it is the choregraphy, or the lighting, and for those who have a keen ear it can be in the sound or the vocals,

Before the Greek artists, Freaky Fortune feat Riskykidd had even stepped onto the stage, the first thing to spot was that the trampoline, that is immediately behind the performers, has now got a concentric stripe pattern on the front, whereas it was draped in black on the first rehearsal. The concentric pattern is also reflected in the images on the cube and on the back screens.

Whilst they were preparing for their rehearsal, there was some different graphics being displayed on the background LED screens, see if you can spot the unused graphic in our gallery?

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Once again, gymnast,  Arthour Geremyan was taking the opportunity to warm-up on the trampoline before the rehearsal actually commenced.

The outfits for the artists have seen only minimal changes, they are all still dressed largely in black, though the shirts have changed very slightly, with Riskykidd now wearing a white shirt under his jacket, Nikolas is now wearing a longer white shirt, for example.

Huge rise

Everything else is pretty much the same as their first rehearsal, with lighting, graphics and sound, and of course Rise Up ends with Riskykidd and Nikolas Raptakis taking to the big trampoline to rise up in the air and bring the song to its conclusion.

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At the press conference following the second rehearsal, the three lead performers, Shane Schuller (aka Riskykidd) ,Theofilos Pouzbouris and Nikolas Raptakis  (Freaky Fortune) took care to sit behind the table in the correct order, so that the T-Shirts they were wearing individually spelt out # Rise Up.

They were all content with their rehearsal, as they are getting more and more familiar with the huge stage, and getting used to the cameras. 

Much of the questions centred around the trampoline, and who had come up with the whole concept, and how long they have been practising with it, and how they manage to sing and bounce up and down at the same time?

As the Greeks always like to do things together, it was the whole delegation had come up with the concept as they wanted to show that they can go higher, and to give a sense of freedom of spirit - hence the trampoline.

It then took them two to three months of rehearsing every day. To begin with they could hardly stand on the trampoline, never mind sing whilst on it, and they were initially very breathless and sweating a lot, and found it exhausting, but over the weeks they've got better and better.

A little bit of luck

As to whether the collaboration between Freaky Fortune and Riskykidd will continue after the contest remains to be seen; "You never know what the future holds". As to what the key to their success is? Shane replied "It is 50% luck and the rest is up to you."

What their fortune will be, and how lucky they are will be seen when they perform in the second Semi-Final on Thursday the 8th May in the B&W Hallerne.