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Riga calling: Latvia's capital hosted first Eurovision 2018 pre-party

26 March 2018 at 17:15 CEST
The first pre-party for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Riga, Latvia Stijn Smulders
This Saturday, 24th of March, this season's first Eurovision pre-party took place in Latvia's capital Riga. Four of this year's participants came by to promote their entry, meet with fans and, of course, catch up with

The contestants gathered at the Crystal Club, first to hold a joint press conference and one-on-one interviews, then to give stunning performances of their 2018 Eurovision Song Contest entries.

What is your song's favourite sentence?

The day started with a press conference and one-on-one interviews. caught up with the artists and asked them: What is your favourite sentence in your song, and why?

Mikolas Josef from Czech Republic said that 'bop-whop-a-lu bop' is something that people react to a lot. He even found out people are already making memes with the word 'spaghetti'.

Latvia's Laura Rizzotto had a more serious favourite sentence: "It is hard to pick a line. I think I like the whole point of view of Funny Girl rather than just one sentence. I like that the title is ‘Funny Girl’ and people expect something completely different compared to what it is, telling a dark and mysterious story."

DoReDos from Moldova is hoping for lucky days in Lisbon as 'So is this my lucky day' is their favourite sentence.

Lithuania's Ieva Zasimauskaitė said: "My favourite sentence is ‘I’m not afraid to grow old if I have your hand to hold’. It is the core message of my song. The most important person in my life is my husband. He is a real treasure for me and I think that everyone is searching for true love. I want to grow old and I want to die like in the film The Notebook, when they are holding hands together."

After the interviews, Ieva Zasimauskaitė from Lithuania, Mikolas Josef from Czech Republic, DoReDos from Moldova and Latvia's very own Laura Rizzotto took to the stage and performed their 2018 Eurovision Song Contest entries for an excited audience.

Special guests

Besides the four 2018 contestants the event also hosted two guest performers: Latvian national selection finalist Markus Riva opened the party with his Supernova 2018 entry This Time, and Malta's 2015 representative Amber also performed at the party. 

Philip Kirkorov, who represented Russia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest and composed Moldova's entry My Lucky Day, also joined the press conference in the afternoon.

This year marked Eurovision PreParty Riga's 5th anniversary, having been held every year since 2014. 

What's next?

After Eurovision PreParty Riga it is time for the London Eurovision Party on the 5th of April and Israel Calling between 8 and 11 April. will be right there to bring you more exclusive content about and with the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest participants. 

All aboard for the next destination?

The team thanks the organisers for their hospitality.