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Revamped Norwegian final set for 15th March

05 December 2013 at 08:00 CET

A new and revamped Melodi Grand Prix will take place in 2014. Regional Semi-Finals have been replaced by three heats and a Grand Final as part of a week long music festival on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 15th of March in Oslo.

In each of the heats, five of this year’s total of 15 artists will be introduced and perform their songs. Three artists from each heat will go on to the Grand-Fiinal. During the show the audience will follow the artists’ creative journey, from having their song picked to entering this year’s contest. He or she will then take to the stage to perform their song. During the live broadcast, the jury will also comment on each performance and voice its opinion on each contribution’s chance of reaching the final.

The competition will once again be hosted by Jenny Skavlan and Erik Solbakken, the latter of which presented the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. 

Producer Stian Malme is pleased: "It will be 55 years since Norway first entered the Eurovision Song Contest, and I believe that the Norwegian National Selection is still vital for showcasing new, Norwegian music. Our goal is to give our viewing audience a great musical experience filled with new Norwegian pop music, sure to please many. We are proud to have Jenny Skavlan and Erik Solbakken as hosts for the second year in a row". 

Impressive number of entries received

This year, the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix jury has received over 600 entries from hopeful songwriters, producers and artists. Musical director Vivi Stenberg has spent several months reviewing these contributions. The process of picking out the very best of the crop is time consuming, exciting and also a lot of fun:

"Before the deadline on the 15th of September, I listened carefully to all the songs", says Stenberg, "there have been rough recordings from someone’s living room, as well as highly professional studio recordings made by some of Norway’s best songwriters and producers. After having made a rough selection, I invited music professionals to listen in and give their opinion. At the end we were left with 15 great songs and artists who will compete in March. It’s been a demanding, but fun process and we see several potential hits we can’t wait to share with the rest of Norway", Stenberg says. 

A new visual identity

As well as changing the format of Melodi Grand Prix to take place over a shorter period of time with fewer entries, its visual identity has also been revamped with a new, cleaner look. Check out the new logo below:

The Jury

Four music professionals have been part of this year’s selection process of the 15 entries:

Marie Komissar

Marie is a music producer for NRK P3 radio and has until recently acted as the radio station’s Head of music. Marie is also a known DJ, and for her DJ-project Cloudbusting she has teamed up with last year’s winner of Melodi Grand Prix, Margaret Berger.

Kathrine Synnes Finnskog

Kathrine has several years of experience in the music industry. She has managed ESC-artists such as Maria Haukaas Mittet, Alexander Rybak and Tooji. She is currently the CEO of Music Norway.

Gisle Stokland

Gisle is the owner and editor of the trend-setting web site He also acts as manager and has an extensive network within the Norwegian music scene.

Tarjei Strøm

Tarjei is a drummer, currently for the rapper Lars Vaular. He has also played with the Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band, as well as Datarock, as well as being a known radio host in Norway.

Norway will take part in the second Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 8th of May. The Grand Final will take place on Saturday the 10th of May.