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Retro and modern styles in Mariya Yaremchuk’s making of

The result of restless days and nights for Mariya and her team is the qualitative and professional official video of her catchy song Tick-Tock. Take a look at the undercover production set where all the fun took place during shot-time shooting in Kyiv:

The singer had to take on some really fancy moves and spent a lot of time practicing choreography before shooting. "It was a great experience for me, - said Mariya afterwards. - I've never thought that work could bring so much joy, I was happy on set. I adore retro-style but I love to mix in modern", Maria said.

Mariya's love story

In Mariya’s energetic song the singer is telling her love story. "My song is about time we spend searching for our true love," says Mariya. "Life goes so fast and then love hits you in the most unexpected moment!"

Tick-Tock was written by Mariya herself in cooperation with Swedish songwriter and vocalist Sandra Bjurman, well-known for contributing to other Eurovision hits.

After the shooting of the music video, Mariya’s heart still goes Tick-Tock as she works hard on her song’s stage presentation for European audience. A vibrant and foot tapping song will became even more hypnotic with a special show Mariya is putting up now.