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Results of the third Slovak Semi-Final

Posted 23 Febuary 2009 at 22:10

For the first time since 1998, Slovakia will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest again this year. The public broadcaster STV decided to organise a public national final to find a singer and song to represent the country in Moscow. As many high-quality songs have been received, five semi-finals are being organised, with ten songs each. In every semi-final, two finalists are picked by SMS voting, and a third one by an expert jury. These are the participants of tonight's third semi-final, in order of appearance (qualifiers in bold):
  • Komajota - 7 Nocí (6th place in televoting) - jury choice
  • Katka Koščová - Pri Sebe (4th place in televoting)
  • Milan Lieskovský - Bliss (5th place in televoting)
  • Peter Bažík & Andrea Sulovská - Nebudem Stáť (2nd place in televoting)
  • Roman Galo Galvánek - Láska Z Papiera (10th place in televoting)
  • Ivana Kováčová - Všetko (7th place in televoting)
  • ENS - Už Je Čas (8th place in televoting)
  • Dáša Šarkozyová - Krídla (9th place in televoting)
  • G-Strinx - Rytmus Vášne (3rd place in televoting)
  • Robo Opatovský - Prší (1st place in televoting)
The two acts picked by the TV public were Peter Bažík & Andrea Sulovská (pictured) and Robo Opatovský, while the jury picked Komajota as an additional finalist. In the interval, Katarína Hasprová performed - she had represented Slovakia in the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest with Modlitba, reaching the 21st place.
The next semi-final will be broadcast on Friday, February 27th. Stay with us for more information on the Slovak selection!
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